Protocols and Forms

We're slowly working on making our protocols available.  These are protocols we use in our own lab for various proteomics processes.  These protocols were dominantly created/refined/written up by Mark Flory and Michelle Hori. If you have questions about these protocols, please do reach out to us.  

Cell Isolation (coming soon)

Protein Extraction [PDF]

Tryptic Digestion [PDF]

Fractionation (coming soon)

Phospho-Protein Enrichment (coming soon)

Cell Surface Enrichment (coming soon)


   A resource for lowering the barriers for proteomics data interpretation

ImmunoGlobe is a map of the immune intercellular interactome that describes how immune cells and immune system components interact to drive immune responses. By structuring our knowledge of immune interactions into a directional graph, ImmunoGlobe makes it easy to explore the relationships between components of the immune system.

Student Resources

As a non-BMI student or post-doc @ Stanford, it can sometimes be difficult to figure out what classes to take and when to develop your bioinformatics skills.  With the generous help of a number of current students (thanks Zina, Hunter, David, Michelle, Melissa...) I tried to develop a suggested guide.  This is purely an opinion (mine), and shouldn't be taken as gospel.   For a really comprehensive list of relevant courses and electives, I suggest taking a look at these awesome BMI pages here.

 Key Courses [PDF] [XLS]

Quarter by Quarter Example Study Plan [PDF] [XLS]