Mallick Lab

~ translating multi-omic discovery into precision diagnostics ~
integrated omics

approaches to rationally integrate diverse types of high-throughput data.

cell models

characterizing the non-linear processes that govern how cells behave and misbehave.

biomarker discovery

understanding the processes that give rise to biomarkers and govern their potential utility.

tumor evolution

characterizing how evolutionary forces (e.g. microenvironment, or drug treatment) impact tumor composition.

proteomics technology

experimental and computational approaches to improve the throughput and sensitivity of proteomics technologies


a platform to accelerate the development of proteomics analysis tools.

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integrated omics integrated omics
cell models cell models
biomarker discovery biomarker discovery
tumor evolution tumor evolution
proteomics technology proteomics technology
proteoWizard proteoWizard
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The Mallick lab focuses on translating multi-omic discovery into precision diagnostics. We use integrative, multi-omic approaches to model the processes that govern proteome dynamics and then use those models to discover cancer biomarkers and mechanisms.



Canary Center @ Stanford


check out our latest papers on

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- Cell Squishyness & Sliminess & Metastatic Potential (PNAS)

Drug Resistance as Mediated by Epigenetics (Genome Medicine)

- SWATH MS Libraries (Nature Protocols)