Mallick Lab

~ translating multi-omic discovery into precision diagnostics ~
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Where are you located?

At the Stanford Canary Center for Cancer Early Detection!
3155 Porter Drive, Palo Alto, CA 94304

How do I get there?

Drive, Bike or take Marguerite (V, 1050A or RP lines - map)

Are you hiring?

Yep.  More about that coming soon.

Do you collaborate with industry?


What is proteomics?

Check out my review - if you still have questions - email me... 

Do you have a wet lab?

Absolutely.  My group believes strongly in tight integration between experimental approaches and rigorous computation. 

What cancers do you focus on?

We have expertise predominantly in cancers of the lung, prostate and pancreas as well as in lymphoma.  However, we focus on developing approaches that might be general across a wide range of biology. 

Are you actually a magician/juggler?

Yes. Check out this nifty article.  I also was featured in Vanish Magazine (the premier magazine for magicians). Check out the nifty article on 'What Scientists can learn from Magicians' on page 18!

For booking information, please contact my agent.

Kevin Bacon number?


Erdos number?

4.  [Anyone with a 2 or lower interested in collaborating...]    

Sabbath number?

Currently infinite.  [I'll get there one of these days.]

I heard you are a youtube sensation... 

I think your research is awesome and would love to support it...

Awesome! Thank you! We love donations.  Simply click HERE to donate!  If you'd like to donate your time, please drop me an email.    

What's your favourite paper?

Tough question!  Possibly...this or this or this or this ... or possibly this...

How do you feel about chicken nuggets?

I'll let the Nuggets of Wisdom (NuggetsNOW) answer that for themselves.

What non-profit's do you support?

Canary Foundation, Habitat for Humanity, Ada's Cafe, Sempervirens Fund, GiveWell, My Friend's Place, Homeboy Industries, are some of my (less well known) favourites.   

Can you really trace your scientific ancestry back to Galileo?

Yes. Kinda nifty, huh?  

Do you have a lab dress code?

Yes. Lab coats and goggles must be worn at all times. Clipboards are optional, but strongly recommended.


Are these actually Frequently Asked Questions?

Shockingly - yes - many of them are!