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  • Epigenetic changes mediated by polycomb repressive complex 2 and E2a are associated with drug resistance in a mouse model of lymphoma GENOME MEDICINEFlinders, C., Lam, L., Rubbi, L., Ferrari, R., Fitz-Gibbon, S., Chen, P., Thompson, M., Christofk, H., Agus, D. B., Ruderman, D., Mallick, P., Pellegrini, M.20168
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  • Simulation of the Protein-Shedding Kinetics of a Fully Vascularized Tumor. Cancer informaticsFrieboes, H. B., Curtis, L. T., Wu, M., Kani, K., Mallick, P.201514: 163-175 
  • A cross-platform toolkit for mass spectrometry and proteomics NATURE BIOTECHNOLOGYChambers, M. C., MacLean, B., Burke, R., Amodei, D., Ruderman, D. L., Neumann, S., Gatto, L., Fischer, B., Pratt, B., Egertson, J., Hoff, K., Kessner, D., Tasman, N., Shulman, N., Frewen, B., Baker, T. A., Brusniak, M., Paulse, C., Creasy, D., Flashner, L., Kani, K., Moulding, C., Seymour, S. L., Nuwaysir, L. M., Lefebvre, B., Kuhlmann, F., Roark, J., Rainer, P., Detlev, S., Hemenway, T., Huhmer, A., Langridge, J., Connolly, B., Chadick, T., Holly, K., Eckels, J., Deutsch, E. W., Moritz, R. L., Katz, J. E., Agus, D. B., MacCoss, M., Tabb, D. L., Mallick, P.201230 (10): 918-920 
  • A Bayesian Active Learning Experimental Design for Inferring Signaling Networks International Conference on Research in Computational Molecular BiologyNess, R., Sachs, K., Mallick, P., Vitek, O.
  • Improving Publication and Reproducibility of Computational Experiments through Workflow Abstractions. Workshop on Capturing Scientific Knowledge (SciKnow), held in conjunction with the ACM International Conference on Knowledge Capture (K-CAP)Gil, Y., Garijo, D., Knoblock, M., Deng, A., Adusumilli, R., Ratnakar, V., Mallick, P.
  • Automated Hypothesis Testing with Large Scientific Data Repositories Annual Conference on Advance s in Cognitive SystemsGil, Y., Garijo, D., Ratnakar, V., Mayani, R., Adusumilli, R., Boyce, H., Mallick, P.
  • Longitudinal Multiplexed Measurement of Quantitative Proteomic Signatures in Mouse Lymphoma Models Using Magneto-Nanosensors. TheranosticsLee, J. R., Appelmann, I., Miething, C., Shultz, T. O., Ruderman, D., Kim, D., Mallick, P., Lowe, S. W., Wang, S. X.20188 (5): 1389–98 
    Building trans-omics evidence: using imaging and 'omics' to characterize cancer profiles. Pacific Symposium on Biocomputing. Pacific Symposium on BiocomputingSrivastava, A., Kulkarni, C., Mallick, P., Huang, K., Machiraju, R.201823: 377–87 
    Global Transcriptome Analysis of RNA Abundance Regulation by ADAR in Lung Adenocarcinoma.EBioMedicineSharpnack, M. F., Chen, B., Aran, D., Kosti, I., Sharpnack, D. D., Carbone, D. P., Mallick, P., Huang, K.201827: 167–75 
    How many human proteoforms are there? Nature chemical biologyAebersold, R., Agar, J. N., Amster, I. J., Baker, M. S., Bertozzi, C. R., Boja, E. S., Costello, C. E., Cravatt, B. F., Fenselau, C., Garcia, B. A., Ge, Y., Gunawardena, J., Hendrickson, R. C., Hergenrother, P. J., Huber, C. G., Ivanov, A. R., Jensen, O. N., Jewett, M. C., Kelleher, N. L., Kiessling, L. L., Krogan, N. J., Larsen, M. R., Loo, J. A., Ogorzalek Loo, R. R., Lundberg, E., MacCoss, M. J., Mallick, P., Mootha, V. K., Mrksich, M., Muir, T. W., Patrie, S. M., Pesavento, J. J., Pitteri, S. J., Rodriguez, H., Saghatelian, A., Sandoval, W., Schlüter, H., Sechi, S., Slavoff, S. A., Smith, L. M., Snyder, M. P., Thomas, P. M., Uhlén, M., Van Eyk, J. E., Vidal, M., Walt, D. R., White, F. M., Williams, E. R., Wohlschlager, T., Wysocki, V. H., Yates, N. A., Young, N. L., Zhang, B.201814 (3): 206–14 
    JUN-Mediated downregulation of EGFR signaling is associated with resistance to gefitinib in EGFR-mutant NSCLC cell lines. Molecular cancer therapeuticsKani, K., Garri, C., Tiemann, K., Malihi, P. D., Punj, V., Nguyen, A. L., Lee, J., Hughes, L. D., Alvarez, R. M., Wood, D. M., Joo, A. Y., Katz, J. E., Agus, D. B., Mallick, P.2017 
    Data Conversion with ProteoWizard msConvert. Methods in molecular biology (Clifton, N.J.)Adusumilli, R., Mallick, P.20171550: 339-368 
    Longitudinal Monitoring of Antibody Responses against Tumor Cells Using Magneto-nanosensors with a Nanoliter of Blood. Nano lettersLee, J. R., Chan, C. T., Ruderman, D., Chuang, H. Y., Gaster, R. S., Atallah, M., Mallick, P., Lowe, S. W., Gambhir, S. S., Wang, S. X.201717 (11): 6644–52 
    Assessing biological and technological variability in protein levels measured in pre-diagnostic plasma samples of women with breast cancer. Biomarker researchYeh, C. Y., Adusumilli, R., Kullolli, M., Mallick, P., John, E. M., Pitteri, S. J.20175: 30 
    Platelet count as a predictor of metastasis and venous thromboembolism in patients with cancer.Convergent science physical oncologySylman, J. L., Mitrugno, A., Tormoen, G. W., Wagner, T. H., Mallick, P., McCarty, O. J.20173 (2) 
    A Robust Protocol for Protein Extraction and Digestion. Methods in molecular biology (Clifton, N.J.)Atallah, M., Flory, M. R., Mallick, P.20171550: 1-10 
    Dual transcript and protein quantification in a massive single cell array. Lab on a chipPark, S., Lee, J. Y., Hong, S., Lee, S. H., Dimov, I. K., Lee, H., Suh, S., Pan, Q., Li, K., Wu, A. M., Mumenthaler, S. M., Mallick, P., Lee, L. P.201616 (19): 3682-3688
  • Single cell dynamic phenotyping SCIENTIFIC REPORTSPatsch, K., Chiu, C., Engeln, M., Agus, D. B., Mallick, P., Mumenthaler, S. M., Ruderman, D.20166 
    Protein biomarkers on tissue as imaged via MALDI mass spectrometry: A systematic approach to study the limits of detection PROTEOMICSvan de Ven, S. M., Bemis, K. D., Lau, K., Adusumilli, R., Kota, U., Stolowitz, M., Vitek, O., Mallick, P., Gambhir, S. S.201616 (11-12): 1660-1669 
    Probabilistic Segmentation of Mass Spectrometry (MS) Images Helps Select Important Ions and Characterize Confidence in the Resulting Segments MOLECULAR & CELLULAR PROTEOMICSBemis, K. D., Harry, A., Eberlin, L. S., Ferreira, C. R., van de Ven, S. M., Mallick, P., Stolowitz, M., Vitek, O.201615 (5): 1761-1772More
  • AshwaMAX and Withaferin A inhibits gliomas in cellular and murine orthotopic models JOURNAL OF NEURO-ONCOLOGYChang, E., Pohling, C., Natarajan, A., Witney, T. H., Kaur, J., Xu, L., Gowrishankar, G., D'Souza, A. L., Murty, S., Schick, S., Chen, L., Wu, N., Khaw, P., Mischel, P., Abbasi, T., Usmani, S., Mallick, P., Gambhir, S. S.2016126 (2): 253-264 
    A high-content image-based method for quantitatively studying context-dependent cell population dynamics. Scientific reportsGarvey, C. M., Spiller, E., Lindsay, D., Chiang, C., Choi, N. C., Agus, D. B., Mallick, P., Foo, J., Mumenthaler, S. M.20166: 29752-? 
    NEW HORIZONS IN INTACT PROTEIN ANALYSIS: OPTIMIZATION OF TOP-DOWN PROTEIN ANALYSISCHEMICAL & ENGINEERING NEWSSharma, S., Mallick, P., Stoyanova, T., Mullen, C., Weisbrod, C., Canterbury, J., Horn, D., Zabrouskov, V.2015: 12-14
  • A fully human scFv phage display library for rapid antibody fragment reformatting PROTEIN ENGINEERING DESIGN & SELECTIONLi, K., Zettlitz, K. A., Lipianskaya, J., Zhou, Y., Marks, J. D., Mallick, P., Reiter, R. E., Wu, A. M.201528 (10): 307-315
  • Cardinal: an R package for statistical analysis of mass spectrometry-based imaging experimentsBIOINFORMATICSBemis, K. D., Harry, A., Eberlin, L. S., Ferreira, C., van de Ven, S. M., Mallick, P., Stolowitz, M., Vitek, O.201531 (14): 2418-2420 
  • Predictive Modeling of Drug Response in Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma PLOS ONEFrieboes, H. B., Smith, B. R., Wang, Z., Kotsuma, M., Ito, K., Day, A., Cahill, B., Flinders, C., Mumenthaler, S. M., Mallick, P., Simbawa, E., Al-Fhaid, A. S., Mahmoud, S. R., Gambhir, S. S., Cristini, V.201510 (6) 
  • Neuronal Activity Promotes Glioma Growth through Neuroligin-3 Secretion CELLVenkatesh, H. S., Johung, T. B., Caretti, V., Noll, A., Tang, Y., Nagaraja, S., Gibson, E. M., Mount, C. W., Polepalli, J., Mitra, S. S., Woo, P. J., Malenka, R. C., Vogel, H., Bredel, M., Mallick, P., Monje, M.2015161 (4): 803-816 
  • Building high-quality assay libraries for targeted analysis of SWATH MS data. Nature protocolsSchubert, O. T., Gillet, L. C., Collins, B. C., Navarro, P., Rosenberger, G., Wolski, W. E., Lam, H., Amodei, D., Mallick, P., MacLean, B., Aebersold, R.201510 (3): 426-441 
  • Predictive Modeling of Drug Response in Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma. PloS oneFrieboes, H. B., Smith, B. R., Wang, Z., Kotsuma, M., Ito, K., Day, A., Cahill, B., Flinders, C., Mumenthaler, S. M., Mallick, P., Simbawa, E., Al-Fhaid, A. S., Mahmoud, S. R., Gambhir, S. S., Cristini, V.201510 (6) 
  • Anti-MET ImmunoPET for Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Using Novel Fully Human Antibody Fragments MOLECULAR CANCER THERAPEUTICSLi, K., Tavare, R., Zettlitz, K. A., Mumenthaler, S. M., Mallick, P., Zhou, Y., Marks, J. D., Wu, A. M.201413 (11): 2607-2617 
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  • Anterior gradient 2 (AGR2): Blood-based biomarker elevated in metastatic prostate cancer associated with the neuroendocrine phenotype PROSTATEKani, K., Malihi, P. D., Jiang, Y., Wang, H., Wang, Y., Ruderman, D. L., Agus, D. B., Mallick, P., Gross, M. E.201373 (3): 306-315 
  • Concurrent Transcript and Protein Quantification in a Massive Single Cell Array Enables Population-Wide Observation of Oncogene Escape 57th Annual Meeting of the Biophysical-SocietyPark, S., Lee, J. Y., Hong, S., Dimov, I. K., Li, K., Wu, A. M., Mumenthaler, S., Mallick, P., Lee, L. P.CELL PRESS. 2013: 686A–686A 
  • Unexpected Dissemination Patterns in Lymphoma Progression Revealed by Serial Imaging within a Murine Lymph Node CANCER RESEARCHIto, K., Smith, B. R., Parashurama, N., Yoon, J., Song, S. Y., Miething, C., Mallick, P., Lowe, S., Gambhir, S. S.201272 (23): 6111-6118 
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